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Game development for iOS and Android in Russia

INSY Studio is a sterling team heavily interested in games and game-development from simple casual games up to esports disciplines
Development from scratch iOS/Android
Using Unreal Engine
professional solution for gamedev
Project reworking and supporting
we take part either in game development, or in their evolution gamedesign, leveldesign programming 3D-modelling storytelling testing Order Order
We develop games for mobile OS and PC
But always ready
to reach new goals
iOS AndroidWindows Мас OS
Expirienced in
Our advantages
We also work at
Site development Website, unlike thousands of others - a difficult process, we take the development process seriously and try to accommodate all the pitfalls and risks. The customer receives the site as quickly as possible, given its requirements. Order Order
Online Shop We have extensive experience in e-commerce. We will help you to analyze the features of your products and services, convenient and practical to implement a catalog of all the stages of formation of the order, with the integration of payment systems. Order Order
Mobile Applications As we know, the fundamental principle of any company's success - a well-established customer relationships. In the age of information technology to bring together the buyer and the company helps mobile applications. Order Order
Identity Identity implies that the letterhead, business cards, envelopes, folders, badges for staff, flyers and posters - everything will be done in the same style, in one color, using the same graphical elements. Order Order
Based in Novosibirsk, Russia
No matter how far we are from you, feel free to call and write us, we are worldwide.
insykzpricing consultation
oleg@insy.kzсomplaints and suggestions
Novosibirsk, Russia. 1 Chulymskaya 112/5
+7 (951) 384-40-09technical support
support@insy.kztechnical support

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